Wunnamurra gorge boasts the majesty and beauty the Kimberley is renowned for.

Located approximately 12 kms from the Mt Elizabeth homestead, the track to Wunnamurra is extreme 4WD and will take approximately an hour. If you are an avid 4x4 enthusiast this is the track for you, testing your low range skills. Once you are at the parking area there is a 20–30 min walk into the gorge. Follow the white painted rocks from the parking area to the river, turn left and follow the water down stream to arrive at Wunnamurra. Enjoy the breathtaking view at the top lookout where you can take in the scenery and relax in the flowing water holes. Then descend into the gorge to swim in the deep cool refreshing water under the magnificent waterfall. Follow the river downstream in the gorge and explore this untouched, magic part of the Kimberley.
This pristine gorge will leave you speechless.

Our Recommendations

Wunnamurra is a full day trip to allow time to drive, walk, explore and relax, 11 am is our latest allowed departure time. Take a packed lunch, plenty of water and refreshments. Wear suitable clothing and enclosed footwear for protection. To get into the gorge there are a couple of steep cliff faces that can be challenging.

Gorge Pass

Gorge passes are available at the Mt Elizabeth homestead for $15 per vehicle (lasts for the entirety of your stay). This is a once off fee and includes access to all gorges and trails on the property.