Warla Gorge also commonly known as the Hann River Gorge or to us at the station as The Beach it is located approximately 19km from the Mt Elizabeth Station Homestead.

Warla is the perfect spot to take in the outstanding scenery the Kimberley has to offer whilst you float about in the cool refreshing waters. This gorge also makes for a nice fishing spot under the gumtrees on the pure white sandy beaches.

The fine river sand gives you a beautiful beachy feel and is perfect for the entire family.  

Not being too far from the homestead and facilities makes Warla gorge an easier trip but time restrictions for access do still apply.

Gorge passes are available at the Mt Elizabeth homestead for $20 per vehicle ($15 with overnight stay which lasts for the entirety of your trip). This is a once off fee and includes access to all gorges and walking trails on the property. !