Information you need to know!


MtE is pretty much in the middle of the Gibb River Rd.  If you are coming from the west our turn off is 30km from Mt Barnett and from the east our turn off is 141km from Ellenbrae Station.

The access road to the MtE Homestead is 30km long.  We constantly maintain the road through out the year to keep it in as good condition as possible.  Our road is accessible to all high clearance vehicles, caravans and camper trailers.  The station staff use the road for our own trucks and vehicles and there can also be cattle on the road, so please drive steady and to the road conditions.  Diesel is available to purchase at the homestead.


We have a well maintained 1km long unsealed airstrip. We have the mail plane landing weekly.  You are welcome to fly in to stay with us and we can arrange transport to the homestead. (only 2km)  We have Avgas available to purchase, prior arrangement is required, please call the station.


We often get asked which month is best to visit the Gibb, here is some information to help you decide.

May  -  as the wet season comes to a close at the end of April, the temperature starts to drop and the days are beautiful, usually low 30s, and waterfalls are flowing at their optimum. As it is the opening month of tourism on the Gibb, the road is at its best and there is a lot less traffic. 

One negative of visiting this early can be that access to some gorges may not be available. If the country is still too wet it can be difficult to gain access to do maintenance on the roads. However, every wet season is different and unpredictable. You may miss out on accessing some locations but it is a beautiful month to visit and you could have the whole gorge to yourself!

June & July - these months are the peak of the dry season, magic warm days, high 20s to low 30s and cool nights. Our night temperatures at MtE can get down to around 5 degrees, so be sure to pack some warm clothes. This is our busiest time of the year in our room accommodation and campground, a lot of families do the Gibb during the school holidays. We recommend booking in advance for accommodation and meals so you are not disappointed. 

From mid May through to August is our muster season at MtE, so there will be more station activity to see and stock camp crew to chat to.

August & September - the weather is starting to warm up, usually mid 30s each day but still beautiful and cool in the evenings. The waterholes and gorges are still running and there is plenty of water to enjoy. 

August and September is a great time to visit if you are a bird enthusiast, as some of the outlying water is drying up the birds come into some of the bigger waterholes and the homestead grounds. There is still some cattle work to be done at this time of the year, so you may catch some action.

Depending on the season, it’s not unusual for the wet to start building in late September. This can bring an increase in humidity and warmer days. But, September is a great month to visit as it is the shoulder of the season and there are not as many people on the roads and at the gorges. 

MtE closes at the end of September.

October to April - we are closed.  The wet season is coming! With temperatures and humidity slowly increasing storms will start to brew and bring rain. It depends on the wet season as to when the Gibb Road will close. At MtE, we have a well earned rest and start our repairs and maintenance jobs.