Mt Elizabeth Station has a long history and is one of the oldest working cattle stations on the Gibb. First established in 1945, Mt Elizabeth is rich in history with the Lacy family playing a major role in placing the station on the Kimberley map. MtE is now owned and operated by the Burton family who have been Kimberley pastoralists for over thirty years. MtE is approximately half a million acres and runs over 6000 head of cattle for the family business, The Burton Beef Company. 

The mustering season runs from May through to September, depending on the seasons. The station herd includes both managed and unmanaged cattle. The area around the homestead is fenced and developed with predominantly Brahman and Brahman cross cattle. The areas to the north and east are unfenced and feral cattle are mustered using helicopters, bull catchers and motorbikes. 

 Our Brahman cross cattle are mustered and trucked to Kilto Station, to be grown out for the live export market and our Shorthorn cross cattle are grown out on irrigated pasture at Kilto and supply our processing facility and become Burton Beef.  

Whilst rearing cattle is the mainstay and primary reason for the existence of Mt Elizabeth Station, tourism is welcomed and provides a unique experience to all our visitors and is our opportunity to give people an in-site to our industry and way of life. 

If the stars align, you'll be able to join the station staff for a beer around the fire each night, after a long days work or play!