4x4 Tracks and station tours

Mt Elizabeth offers two other tracks for our 4x4 enthusiasts. Both tracks are only accessible via the MtE homestead where full directions and information will be given. 

Due to our location MtE receives a lot of rain between October and April each year.  It depends on the wet season, but we aim to have these tracks open by mid May each year.

The original Munja track is now under management of the Wilinggan Aboriginal Corporation, the track is closed and there is no longer access to the Walcott Inlett. 

The MtE Munja Track - Morella Springs

This track is 60kms long one way and it is the start of the original Munja Track. This track will lead you to a waterfall called Morella Springs, here you will be able to camp and explore the area on foot. The track is for high clearance vehicles, equipped to be out in the bush. We recommend having at least two vehicles when doing this trip to get you out of any sticky situations.

This track is a full day adventure.

The Plain Creek Track

The Plain Creek Track is for those looking for a backroad, off the beaten road and dust of the Gibb. This track is 80kms long one way, it starts at the MtE homestead and runs North-East until it joins the Kalumburu Road, 15kms north of the Wyndham turn off. This track is for high clearance vehicles, equipped to be out in the bush, it is a long steady road for those that are keen to test their vehicles and equipment.

Station Tours

Our Station Tours are a whole lot of fun, our half day tours depart the Homestead either early morning or after lunch. The tour guides (station staff) will take you out and about on the station, you will get to learn all about life on a station and how the property runs 6,000 head of cattle. Experience a genuine outback station lifestyle by getting involved in daily activities such as

  • Lick runs and feeding cattle
  • Visiting the cattle yards - may or may not be operational (work is seasonal)
  • The Old Homestead - historical sight
  • A close up look at some of our machinery, such as our Bull Catchers, motorbikes, road trains and helicopters
  • A quiet creek for an afternoon swim and nibbles
  • Plenty of wildlife to tick off the bucket list, such as Dingos, Donkeys and feral Bulls

Every tour will be different, depending on what activities the station crew are doing. The tours will be tag along tours.

Due to the varied nature of station life and our muster season, we do not book the station tours in advance.

Please enquire upon arrival at the station.